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Unclaimed Money Due to you?

Unclaimed property can be any financial asset or sum of money that appears to have been abandoned by the owner. Some typical types of unclaimed property include:

  • Utility deposits 
  • Credit balances 
  • Store refunds 
  • Uncashed dividends 
  • Payroll 
  • Bonds, mutual fund accounts 
  • Life insurance policy proceeds 
  • Undistributed wages  
  • Gift certificates 
  • Royalty payments 
  • Court payments or deposits  
  • Uncashed checks 
  • Dormant checking or savings accounts 
  • Forgotten savings bond 
  • Old travelers checks and money orders 
  • Unclaimed security deposits 
  • Death inheritance / wills 
  • Safe deposit box contents 
  • Bail bonds 
  • Stock dividends and certificates 

What are the infinite possibilities of locating money that are due to you that you have forgotten or never knew about?

What would it take for you to re-unite and receive the money that rigthfully belongs to you?

What would it take for Access Capital Recovery LLC to help you locate and make the claims?

What else is possible?