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Recovering Your Money is Our Business!

Access Capital Recovery LLC

Access Capital Recovery LLC helps you find and claim money that is due to you. Not all unclaimed funds are listed in the internet and many a times they are never discovered by the owners of the funds. For some types of unclaimed funds, there is a time limit for the claims to be made. 

Access Capital Recovery LLC specialises in helping people look for unclaimed funds that are not listed in online databases.

You may have unclaimed property if …

  • You have moved -- with or without -- leaving a forwarding address. Moving is the main source of abandoned utility deposits and bank account balances.
  • You have retired, been reassigned, or laid off from a job
  • You have not made a transaction on your checking or savings account for over three years
  • You have stopped payments on an insurance policy
  • You have an uncashed check made out to you more than 3 years ago
  • You regularly throw away your mail without reading it.
  • You have noticed that regular dividend, interest, or royalty checks have stopped coming
  • You have settled a deceased family member's estate
  • What else is possible? .....